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A planting guide tells you when to plant certain crops in the area where you live. They are normally localized charts, which means that they apply to your area only, or a garden in a similar climate zone with similar frost dates. The big milepost in a planting guide is the time of the last frost in Spring and the first frost in Fall. The guide tells you when it is safe to plant a certain vegetable in the outdoor garden, ‘safe’ meaning that the statistical probabilities of a frost damaging the plant are small. In other words, it says, “It is probably safe to plant carrot seeds outdoors 14 days before the last Spring frost.” This assumes that the last Spring frost will be when it normally happens, but with Global Warming occurring, this can not always be the case. For instance, in Wisconsin the winters are becoming less severe and the summers can be real hot. Some planting guides are for the ‘old’ Wisconsin, when we had 20 degree below zero weather in winter. This rarely happens anymore in Wisconsin, where we live, so you must judge the planting guide accordingly.

The website can not advise when you should plant a certain vegetable. You must determine this yourself by contacting your local county agent, reading local publications and books, and consulting other gardeners in your area. We will only tell you when WE plant our vegetables and you will have to extrapolate our planting times to suit your own local climate.

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